Q: What is an embroidery-ready canvas?

A: These are canvases we sell that have a removable outside back. We offer these to accommodate our customers who prefer to do their own embroidery. Upon receipt of the canvas, the customer simply has to remove the outside piece (it attaches with Velcro), stitch their embroidery, and then reattach the back piece to hide the stitching and remaining stabilizer on the back of their embroidery.


Q: What’s the difference between a round-stick and a flat-stick canvas?

A: The principal difference is the method by which the canvas is secured to the chair. Flat-stick canvases are an older design; the canvas seat will wrap over and around the seat rail and rest in a notch on the outside of the chair frame. We are the only source left for this type of canvas. Round stick canvases attach to the chair via a groove in the middle of the seat rail. This is the modern design that most companies use; if your chair is less than 30 years old, round-stick canvas is probably what you need.


Q: My canvas is dirty and soiled. How can I clean it?

A: Our fabric has a water repellant coating on it, and for that reason, we do not recommend laundering or dry cleaning it. The best practice here would be to spot clean or surface wash the fabric with cold or warm water. You may use a brush for stubborn stains. A small amount of soap can be used as well, but that also has the potential to harm the water repellency. The use of any chemicals, solutions, or compounds other than water should be exercised with a high degree of caution. After washing, we recommend hanging to drip dry or reinstalling your wet canvas back onto the chair to dry; this will help it maintain its shape. Remember, the canvas will shrink if exposed to the heat of a tumble dryer or very hot water.


Q: “My chair didn’t come with canvas installation instructions”, “I lost my instructions”, “I can’t figure out how to install my canvas”, etc. What do I do?

A: We’ve got you covered. Our chairs will arrive completely assembled, with the exception of the canvas set. This helps to protect the canvas against shipping damage. If you need a copy of how to install the canvas set on your new chair, click here or just watch the video below. If you require further assistance please call our customer service department at 800.883.1423.

Gold Medal Director's Chair Setup Tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on how to properly install your canvas set and setup your Gold Medal Director's Chairs product. Contact us directly if you have any questions!

Posted by Gold Medal Director's Chairs on Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Q: “My canvas needs to be replaced, but my chair is so old and worn that I’m unsure of the manufacturer. Will your canvas sets fit my chair?”

A: Possibly. We can guarantee that if you own a Gold Medal brand chair of any kind, we have canvas sets that will fit and give that heirloom a new lease on life. With the vast number of companies out there making director’s chairs, however, we cannot guarantee that our canvases will fit on other brands of chairs. Please contact our customer service department at 800.883.1423. They can help you take relevant measurements of your canvas or chair and let you know if we have a replacement canvas set that will meet your needs.


Q: I’m interested in placing large, recurring orders for chairs. Is there wholesale pricing available?

A: Absolutely. We have several customers that we work with in this regard. If you would like more information about the process of setting up a wholesale account, please contact our customer service department at 800.883.1423.